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bear by san

March 2017



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take as much as you need. there's enough for everyone.

Yesterday was my birthday, and scott_lynch took me to the Como Zoo and Conservatory to celebrate. There was also pastry beforehand and fried cheese curds afterwards, and all in all it was a totally fabulous day. Here are some photos.

2013-09-22 17.06.09

It's a Minitor in the center of a labyrinth! (The brand name of Scott's fire department pager. I couldn't resist.)

Yes, many Amber jokes were made while we were walking the thing.


2013-09-22 16.49.43

I need to make up an entire mood theme consisting of this photo of a sloth:

2013-09-22 16.22.17

We all have days like that, honey.

There were giraffes!

2013-09-22 15.49.58

And a polar bear doing backstroke laps:

2013-09-22 16.00.49

Which I also took some video of, because his kick turn was something to behold:

The polar bears are named Neil and Buzz. Michael Collins draws the short straw yet again.

Here's one of Selene's relatives having a well-earned nap:

2013-09-22 15.48.06

Because the boy I like is tolerant, he put up with my uncontrollable desire to go pet the carousel horses. I love old carousels. Ponies!

2013-09-22 14.45.36

(Bear on horseback. Sounds like some sort of breakfast dish.)

Here's a shot from my point of view:

2013-09-22 14.48.35

And here's a picture of a tree.

2013-09-22 14.26.56

...a very small tree, older than I am. See?

2013-09-22 14.26.49

And that is the day that was, in pictures.

And today, I slept in a little bit and then went for a 13-mile run. Because I meant to run 13 on Saturday, but I fell on a gravel path and skinned hell out of my knee, so I limped home bloody and sad after only 11.

I kind of love that I can handle two runs that long in the same week now.


Happy belated birthday!
Many happy returns of the day!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Such awesome pictures.
Happy Birthday!!

Swimming polar bear!!!!
Happy belated!

Looks like you had a fantastic day!
Happy belated birthday!

Love the sloth :)
Happy Birthday! Looks like a fantastic day!
I'm glad it was a good sloth-filled, cat-napping birthday. With minotaurs/itors.
One more reason to come visit - hide & seek Denzel & Philadelphia Toboggan Co. carousel horses here and there in the city. I <3 them so.

The sloth is adorable. Happy birthday!
What a fine birthday! Many happy returns, maybe with lemurs too.

Happy belated birthday!
Pretty pretty pretty!

And carousel horses always deserve pets and love.
Happy birthday! And the sloth at Como is a mighty fine sloth. He's especially good for a smile in the winter up here. :)
Happy Birthday

On another note I know the artist that painted your Icon
Matthew McFarren. That was a Colorado Shakespeare Festival Poster.
His art is mighty
Not only are you adorable & smart & an award winning author, you have a cute boy who takes you to the zoo. There are days when your life does not suck.
Happy belated birthday! Como zoo/conservatory is a wonderful place, and its carousel is glorious. Nice choice. (:
Happy Birthday.

I love the conservatory.
Happiest of belated birthdays!

Also, I am in awe of your running ability.
Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!

Secondly, we missed each other by a day ;) I took Connor to the conservatory and zoo on Saturday. It's one of my favorite places in St Paul. You guys got better weather, though.

- D
Happy belated birthday!

(Also, the silliest show currently on television is employing an actress who strikes me as eerily like a young Hafidha -- it's the eyebrows, I think, am I wrong?)

Edited at 2013-09-27 02:45 am (UTC)
In that photo, I can see it. On the show itself... not sure. *g* She looks appropriately skeptical there, though.
She's not glam enough in the show. Tis true.
You are not alone! I love carousel horses too. :3