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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Away with the hippies and the beatniks, O!

The folk process in action.

I'm digging in and getting some traction on Bridge of Blood and Iron. I wonder if I can pull this off if I let the protag be a bit more sympathetic. She's trying to become nicer, this revision, and I'm not sure I should let her get away with it. I kind of liked that she was a severely broken bitch.

I'm adding two (possibly three) POV characters. Matthew is developing a voice nicely: he's in danger of becoming a charmer. That could be hazardous too, as this is the book with what I refer to as the Gordon Lightfoot denoument.

Bridge of Blood & Iron Progress Notes

44 pages edited
~3000 words cut.
~2000 words added
Reason for stopping: for the moment, I hate this book with the sort of ideological passion usually reserved for fascist dictators. I'll probably feel better about it in the morning.


Dare I ask about Gordon Lightfoot?
"You know you'll never read that book again / because the ending's just too hard to take." *g*

It's a book largely inspired by ballads and Arthurian legendry, and it's got the appropriately balladic/Arthurian ending.
Ohhhhh. My Light Gordonfoot association is much more likely to be, "In the valley below where the river winds, there's no such thing as bad times...."

Quite different, that, although now I'm singing the song you were referencing. Confusing the in-laws.
Now I had to go put on Gordon Lightfoot. *g*
I would feel guilty if I hadn't been listening to "J-Tull.Com" in the car on the way over. (And Dar Williams, Grieg, Chopin, Glenn Miller, and James Taylor, but never mind that.) I keep thinking "Gift of Roses" was on some earlier album in some other form...am I wrong? Or is it just one of those songs that sounds familiar after one or two times through?