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Away with the hippies and the beatniks, O!

The folk process in action.

I'm digging in and getting some traction on Bridge of Blood and Iron. I wonder if I can pull this off if I let the protag be a bit more sympathetic. She's trying to become nicer, this revision, and I'm not sure I should let her get away with it. I kind of liked that she was a severely broken bitch.

I'm adding two (possibly three) POV characters. Matthew is developing a voice nicely: he's in danger of becoming a charmer. That could be hazardous too, as this is the book with what I refer to as the Gordon Lightfoot denoument.

Bridge of Blood & Iron Progress Notes

44 pages edited
~3000 words cut.
~2000 words added
Reason for stopping: for the moment, I hate this book with the sort of ideological passion usually reserved for fascist dictators. I'll probably feel better about it in the morning.

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