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in a lunch pail town in a one horse way you can live like a king and queen

Hello! You are all getting part II of TRIP TO ENGLAND before Part I, because my Brighton photos are on the camera I forgot to bring a cord for. There is, however, evidence of High Seas, and I will have it up eventually.

So as not to bury the lede--I'll be signing at Forbidden Planet on Friday at 6 pm for an hour! Come visit! (Special boyfriend guest star is likely to be in attendance too.)

But for now, wandering around London, with and without scott_lynch. We've been signing books every possible place, and Scott has been doing a bunch of interviews. He and Pat Rothfuss had a completely amazing signing at Forbidden Planet last night--over three hundred people showed up--and then there was pub time afterwards.

Today was mostly a day off to recuperate. Here's the last rose of summer, in Hyde Park, from a rainy eight-mile walk we took today:

2013-11-06 09.16.25

Except really not summer at all anymore.

We also went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which lives up to its reputation as England's attic--but a delightful attic, and spend a very few minutes in the Museum of Natural History petting rocks. (I am an inveterate and shameless rock-petter.)

Here's the establishing shot for the misty, rainy movie of our lives in London:

2013-11-06 08.26.25

And here's a pretty half-timbered pub that I mean to have a pint in before we go:

2013-11-05 08.42.42

Here's the RIDE/DON'T RIDE signal, for the horseborne:

2013-11-06 09.07.35

Sushi clock at Tokyo Diner, where we had dinner last night:

2013-11-05 11.39.40

And here's a swan actually doing the swan-boat thing with its wings.

2013-11-06 08.46.33


And here's what I had for lunch yesterday in Chinatown:

2013-11-05 08.11.58

(Roasted duck ramen. YUM.)

Tonight, we went to see Thor: the Dark World. Man, the UK has too damned many commercials before movies. HALF AN HOUR, I shit you not. The movie, however, was good cheesy well-paced fun, once they sensibly gave up on pretending it was supposed to make sense and explaining everything.

Stay through ALL the credits. I'm already writing fanfic for the very VERY last scene in my heart.
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