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bear by san

March 2017



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where have all the flowers gone?

Item: I was actually in tears this morning when I heard of Pete Seeger's death. Just saw him in 2011, I think, at a fundraiser for church in Middletown. It was raining like a son of a gun.

pecunium is right. Pete would say: "Don't mourn; organize."

Still, an American hero has left us. And I feel like that demands a moment of recognition.


Item: (The following possibly triggery for weight and fitness stuff; skip if that bothers you.)

Fitness is a lifetime commitment...

...and I will keep telling myself that. I had made a pretty good comeback after slacking during all that travel last fall--was back up to an 11 mile run for my long day, and was climbing regularly and working on getting back into yoga two or three times a week.

And then the cold snap and the book deadline hit. -20 wind chill is a real disincentive to get out and run, let me tell you.

Anyway, I have been managing to get to the climbing gym. And last night I stuck around after climbing and hit the elliptical for some hard intervals. AND did a little kettlebell. I was doing swings with the 40 pounder, and they were hard, but I didn't kill anybody! (My friend ashacat and I also played catch with a 14-kilo medicine ball. That was fun. And heavy.)

I've been more or less maintaining weight despite somewhat lackadaisical discipline, which is encouraging, but I've been claiming for two years now that I'm going to get this last thirtyish pounds off for the sake of my climbing and my joints and--hell--my vanity.

(I got rid of fifteen of it at one point, and then ten of that crept back. And then I got rid of ten, and five has crept back. It's the long stints of traveling that my job entails that do me in. Hotel food is the devil.)

Still, I've been stable in the low 190s despite holidays and cold and only intermittent exercise and occasional Restaurant Incidents and the Hobbit-related alcohol consumption.

I think I can knuckle down and make this happen. I have a size 10 dress that I want to wear for fancy this summer, and I can get it on, but I can't zip it--so now it's hanging by my bedroom mirror. Inspiration!

Also, I'm running in my second half-marathon in June. So I'd better make sure I get back into training and stay there. It's the Sour Grapes trail run in Brainerd, Minnesota.

My climbing-related goals are to climb 5.10 consistently and start work on 5.11s, and to take a sport lead climbing class. Those are trickier, because my time in Wisconsin leads to much less climbing. But since my new climbing gym also offers weights and cardio stuff... Thursday I plan to hit the rowing machine and do weights after climbing. Whee!

And Friday or this weekend, depending on weather, a six mile run. Before I lose the ability to do six mile runs. :P

I can't wait. *g*


And now I am going to finish this fucking book.


I think you are right: I think there is room to both mourn and organize here.

I will join you in the trek down from 190-ish to wherever, at least part of the way.

Finally resuming pullups, shoulder complaints be damned.

(Lunch was 5 rounds of 65# dumbbell swings intercut with pushups, and a single, pathetic, painful dip... because my last three workouts with the heavy stuff have sucked right out loud, despite what the flattering photos on my tumblr suggest *sigh*)
I'm going to be resuming kettlebell, squats, deadlifts, bench press, and pullups starting this week. I've decided that a twenty-minute powerlifting circuit two or three times a week is all I need, weightwise, and I can bloody well suck up and do that.

The pullups may be negs for a while. *sigh*
Anywhere is a good place to start/resume. I may cast about for a powerlifting meet, or, hopefully, a push/pull one (bench and deadlift, no squat) or, looking further ahead, the "bench press for max reps to take time off your 5k time" thing that I had to miss this past November ("pump and run" is the name, iirc - one of ahnold's brainchildren... i kind of want to do a deadlift-based variation and call it "the running deads" or something)...

I was supposed to do ten rounds at lunch, but... yeah, not so much yet. (also, holding a dumbbell by its ears is much tougher than holding a kettlebell, so I was perhaps a bit too ambitious grabbing the biggest one on offer at the office gym *shifty look*)
This may be just a matter of faulty memory, but I would never have guessed you in the 190 range. That's me, and I was sure that you were skinnier than I am!
I have a ginormous bone structure and I build lots of heavy muscle. At 160, I'm a size 8. At 143, I'm still a size 8, because that's how big my hips are. (And I've only been 143 after serious illness, and I look like a cadaver.)

Plow horse genetics! *g*
Good genes. Nice horse.
Congrats on the running. My latest reincarnation as a runner has lasted the last 2 1/2 years. I'm doing a half marathon in Utah next month. I haven't done a half for twenty-some years.
Go get 'em. *g*

I stopped running in high school when my knees and hips got bad. Then I thought I couldn't do it for years due to chronic undiagnosed random joint pain... and then it turns out I probably had chronic Lyme disease or one of the similar tick-borne joint pain illnesses, which cleared up after a course of heavy antibiotics for something else.

But then I was in Vegas.

So I just started up again in 2007, and I never ever want to get to the point where I can't, again.
Woke up at 5am for no apparent reason and turned on the radio to drone me back to sleep... only to hear the news about Pete Seeger. My dad's been listening to him as long as I can remember, and "We Shall Overcome" "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" and "Little Boxes" have been floating around in my head all day long today. Gotta add more of his tunes to my playlists. I can't believe he's gone.

On a happier note, my husband gave me an ATC of my own for Christmas this year, so I can stop stealing his when we go to the Red. (I gave him a couple of the quickdraws he wanted!) I'm nowhere near your climbing ability (or his) but I dream of getting myself in shape enough to reach that point. Found your blog after reading a couple of your books, and just wanted to say that you're a real inspiration. :) Keep up the amazing work (both as an author and on your fitness journey!)
You'll get there. I was 250 pounds when I started, and I couldn't even climb on the slab. Look at me now!
Best I've managed is a top-roped 5.7 so far, and that was with some angry, frustrated, sniffle-filled growls thrown in for extra "oomph" to get up the last 10 feet or so.

I was down to almost 180 lbs last summer, but I'm back up at 188 currently. That's down from a high of 212 a couple years ago, though. It's slow, but it's progress, I suppose. :)
The good news is that being a heavier climber forces us to develop technique as well as strength. A lot of light strong types hit 5.9s or 5.10s and get super stuck, because they've been powering up everything.

We have to learn technique to get anywhere. So it's slow going at the beginning, but then we catch up. *g*

And improving the strength/weight ratio never hurts. *g*
the Hobbit-related alcohol consumption.

damn tricksey Hobbits!
Pete Seeger's dead? Awww.

There's the end of an era.

The brain is meat. Once I figured that out... well.
I will join you on the fitness trek for sure. I note the five pounds per year sneaking back on the bones for two years straight, and with retirement creeping up on me I can't afford to replace clothes.

However, day jobbe craziness; spouse making mental transition to retirement readiness; trying and failing for three years straight to get a different job in middle school special education (due to age and experience); realizing I can't keep on working at the current job; horse with serious case of white line disease (as in farrier saying serious); low snow year so not much skiing; aches and pains....yeah.

Time to shake it off, lose some weight, do some writing...

Goals: optimize horsey PT, rein back the comfort eating/drinking, resume yoga/pilates/weights/hiking, stay sane until job contract ends in June. And write like a fiend otherwise.

Twenty minutes at walk on horse in bareback pad tonight, working on bending and flexing. Ten of hooping and spinning this morning. Will do neck and hip exercises soon. So darn much of my exercise time needs to be about flexibility these days for me and the dang horse....
go go go go go
I'm pretty confident that you could do a pullup or six, faster than you think you can.

I think we get brainwashed into thinking they're impossible, but seriously, they're not!

(I've lost mine through slacking. Back at it, Bear!)
Also, don't be afraid to give it a good kick. Slow and controlled is all very nice, but frankly, most *guys* don't do it that way. It's okay to recruit those fast-twitch fibers. And I don't lock out completely at the bottom. Maybe someday, but starting from a slightly soft elbow makes it a lot easier. And it's safer for the joint.

Momentum is cheating, though. *g* Unless rock climbing, in which case, fucking momentum, baby.
Bad weather is a real disincentive to exercise. I'm glad you have found ways to keep at it. Here, of course, it's not the temperature, it's the damn rain. :(
I don't mind the rain... except it fogs my damned glasses!