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well you sure didn't look like you were having any fun

Karen Memory just keeps on trucking. I should be done by now, but my nice little 80K book has burgeoned to 90K and climbing. Like this:

90358 / 80000 words. 113% done!

Yeah, I'm 113% done, all right.

And I just wrote two of my favorite paragraphs ever, but I can't share 'em because they're spoilers. Just so you know, in 2015, they're the ones involving Boris and Ivan and the hairpin.

I have written the Boom and the Before I Kill You Mister Bond. If I can get through the Daring Hexcape tonight, there's nothing left but the Climactic Space Battle and the Denouement.

Things I have discovered while stumbling through the end of the book: You know how cocoa powder is hydrophobic and it's an absolute bitch to get the hot milk stirred into it without lumps of dry powdery shit interfering? Well, if you stir a tablespoon of booze into the cocoa and sugar first, there's no problem!

Let's hear it for solvents and chemistry!

Best tyop of the last while: I pressed my burned face to the cool meta and sighed.

And back to the book mines, and Andrew Bird who is keeping me from crying with book not done.

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