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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey vast reluctance

six times underneath the knife.

It's that time. I've started the final revision pass on Karen Memory. So far, I'm working through the bits that only need tweaks, because the earlier chapters have already had several editing passes, after all. (One of the many ways all that Useful Writing Advice doesn't work for me--several times over the course of any given book, I have to go back and restructure the early bits and add things and move stuff around, or the book doesn't go forward. I can't always just make notes and keep going.)

Soon, my pretties. Soon. Soon.

But for the meantime, we're in Earbrass Country. ("We can't stop here!")

I spent the last four days shoveling out from under a bucket of post-novel ennui after finishing a short story tentatively called "No Place to Dream, but a Place to Die." There were a lot of movies and a certain number of books and even more Bejeweled, I'm afraid.

In other news, it's coming up on a month to publication for Steles of the Sky, and I am psyched! Tor.com has the first chunk up as an excerpt if you just can't wait to get started.



I realized today that my definition of a good day writing is "wrote at least two more pages than I deleted".
Heh. Some days it's "Deleted a bunch of stuff and didn't write a damned thing."
That's not really 'writing' though, it's more like editing, although I prefer the old Beethoven joke, punchline: "I'm decomposing".
Often my best days coding involve deleting more than I write. But a computer doesn't care if I make it reread chapter 17 twenty goddamned times, in fact, usually it prefers it.