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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle mickey worrying

it's the principal source of his revenue

I'm seven chapters into Max Gladstone's Full Fathom Five.

This motherfucker isn't even thirty yet, and he's writing like this?

I'm having him killed. 

There's your blurb, Max: "I'm having Max Gladstone killed. He's too good already to be allowed to live. If this is early work, the rest of us are out of a job."

He writes like a bitter fifty-year-old poet with a sense of narrative, and I mean that as the highest praise.

The Craft Sequence books are all about ancient necromancers in charge of corporations; liches running litigation; court battles fought by means of sorcerous contests; deities dueling by means of legal proxies and stock trading souls.

It's fantasy as a metaphor for the full metastatic flower of late-stage capitalism, and it's both vicious satire and totally engaging adventure all at once.

The book comes out in July, so you just about have time to score and read the first two, Three Parts Dead and Two Serpents Rise.


Excellent! Moving that up in my to-read queue.
I really enjoyed the first book. My friend who was reading a nonfiction Aztec history book in parallel was annoyed at the I-can't-believe-they're-not-Aztecs-(or-are-they-Mayans) in the second book (which I haven't read). That said, I'm looking forward to the third book.

If you get a chance to play his Choice of the Deathless, it's a... choose-your-own-adventure set in that universe, basically. It's very well-worth the couple hours to play through. He's obviously thought about how interactive narrative works at a meta level, and he gives you access to the narrative at that level in the game without breaking the immersion. Immensely well-done.
I did a reading with him in SF, when Three Parts Dead came out. Fucker's good, isn't he? And charming. And, as you say, young. I'm in the queue after you, for the killing thing.
Yeah, that all sounds about right. :-) Financial thaumaturgy is definitely a unique idea he's seized for his very own.
Financial thaumaturgy is definitely a unique idea he's seized for his very own.

Ahem: see also some guy's book titled "The Rhesus Chart", coming this July. (Just saying.)
I intend to! With great relish. :-)
hmmm, after that endorsement, I need to move his books up in the TBRs...

I'm about two-thirds of the way through it; it only get better so far.

Yeah, let's run a kickstarter for the assassination squad, m'kay?

Also on the hit list, Benedict Jacka. Similar age, British, sub-Jim Butcher but showing a lot of promise. We really need to kill these kids off before they crush us with their prose and expose us as the middle-aged hacks we are, yes?
But then what will we read when we're old?
TBH, "Two Serpents Rise" is one of the books I nominated for the Hugo this year. Along with the obligatory Seanan title. (I went for "Velveteen vs. The Multiverse", because I'm perverse that way.)
I actually like Jacka's books better than Butcher's, mostly because I like Alex Verus better than Harry Dresden. Of course, I still buy both of them as soon as a new book is released.
I'll take that as yet anther recommendation for keeping Three Parts Dead (Which I was already planning to) - I got it in a bundle of semi-random promo stuff from Tor (Via Con or Bust auction). (Along with a second copy of Shattered Pillars for which i need to find a home.)
Once I do my morning internets, eat something, and get the words I am contractually required to get, my day is FULL FATHOM FIVE and packing. And tacos.

I like books one and three best so far.
Between your suggestions and the ease of purchase of ebooks, my bank account is taking a beating.
I live to serve!
I put the Gladstone and Jacka books on my "to buy" list (which is currently topped by a certain "E. Bear, Steles of the Sky")... I'mma be ruined at this rate.
Three Parts Dead was amazing. Two Serpents Rise is on my "To buy as budget allows" list, but this likely means I need to both move it up and pre-order Full Fathom Five.

And maybe find a time pocket so I can read everything on my to-read bookshelf.