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How free do you feel?

Listen to Nick.

The lies we're being told today aren't all that different from the lies we've been told before.

nihilistic_kid's comparison of today's Fortress America to the Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain is not just valid--it's frighteningly close to objective reality, and getting closer every day. We were lied to then, and we are being lied to now.

How *did* all those millions of Russians, Ukrainians, et al live under such incredible oppression without doing something about it? Better phone one up and ask for some pointers. Because the bad guys are in charge, and getting more and more entrenched. And developing the ability to vote early and often, at the expense of the system we've relied on to keep the politicians under some kind of control for over 200 years.

There is no accountability. There are no more checks and balances. We're spoiled rotten in the US: we believe it can't happen here. But it has, and it can, and it will. This is not paranoia and it is not fear mongering: that worried little voice in the back of your head is your common sense.

The same little voice the citizens of other countries failed to listen to in the past.

Or perhaps Americans have never heard of Canada's former War Measures Act? Or the calls for similar legislation in other countries?

Scared yet?

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