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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

i'm going to die if you touch me one more time. well, i guess i'm going to die no matter what.

It's book day!


Today is Steles of the Sky's birthday, and I'm so excited I may be having heart flutters over here. There's something about the long setup on a series, and the eventual payoff, that... okay, so when I used to run tabletop RPGs a lot more than I have time for now, there was this moment when my players always knew they'd stumbled on The Awful Troof--cracked the campaign wide open, basically, and found the central mystery and aw-hell moment.

Because I would start grinning this particular delighted maniacal grin.

The great joy for me as a storyteller is the moment when the person I'm telling the story to figures out what's up. And I have been just dying to tell everybody the rest of this story for years now.

So you can imagine how excited I currently am.


In celebration of the day, there's GUEST POSTS!

Here's a post at SF Signal on writing special-needs characters in SFF.

Here's a post at the Locus blog regarding noveling as an argument with one's self.

And here's my Big Idea post at the Whatever, where my second Item of News for the week is revealed.

News! Awesome news!


That is awesome news. Really really really.

(also, super cool TMBG quote as the subject - love that song)
Happy Bookday!
I said it over on Whatever, but yay!
Hurrah book! Hurrah awesome news!
I am so very delighted that you will be able to write more books in this extremely fine series.

Excellent news, and deserving of celebration!

(Now pardon me while I get back to reading ...)
Yay! (and I'd put in a request to the library to purchase it, with the caveat that I know there are severe budget constraints, etc.; and they're getting it, and and I'm now first in the hold queue!)

Yay! So glad to hear there will be more books!

Though I'm still working on Shattered Pillars. Life keeps interrupting my reading, and then I get the kingdoms all confused. I may have to go back to Range of Ghosts and start the whole trilogy over before I dive into Steles of the Sky.

Just finished. Damn

That's really good. Need to let it settle. (Also, time to sit. Fortuitous.)
Thank you.