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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

i watched those headlights turn to moonlight and finally i was running by myself

Spin, pretty hype machine! SPIIIN!

*waves coal-dust-blackened hands and capers*
*goes back to shoveling*

More links and reviews and interviews and guest blogs and news! It's BOOK WEEK*!

Clink on the pretty picture for an excerpt of the novel at Tor.com!

First of all: here I am interviewed at the blog of Hugo-award nominated Apex Publications by the inimitable Fran Wilde. This interview has some more details about The Lotus Kingdoms and also about Ancestral Night, and also a bit of information about The Republic of Elves** I mean, An Apprentice to Elves, which is the long-delayed sequel to A Companion to Wolves.

It also has a book giveaway! Involving selfies and twitter hashtags. Ahem.

I'm talking some trash over at Terrible Minds, courtesy of the lovely and talented Chuck Wendig.

Paul Weimer reviews Steles of the Sky at the Hugo-award-winning fanzine SF Signal.

Victoria Frerichs at Romantic Times also liked it.

Aidan Moher is excited about the Lotus Kingdoms announcement.

Oh, and... my boyfriend said nice things about my book.

And, just to balance the karmic scales, I said a few nice things about Diane Duane over here.

And now, time to eat some lunch and write some elves. Wolves. Both, really.

*It's like storming Normandy, only without the machine guns and Rommel's asparagus.
**Scott totally came up with that, so I don't feel bad using it.


Alas, yes.

But there's always the reunion movie to look forward to!
Yay! Those are lovely reviews.
Oh, goddamn it, I just finished the book, and I'm...kind of beyond words.

My love for Samarkar and Temur and Edene (and so many others -- Hrahima! Brother Hsiung!) cannot be textually rendered.

I love that you didn't make Temur choose between Samarkar and Edene.

And I knew what his price was going to have to be. I didn't want to be right, and my heart breaks.

Good God -- what a stunning tour de force this trilogy is. Holy wow.
Thank you.

I come bearing icon love. *g*