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bear by san

March 2017



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writing patience

you must take the a train to go to sugar hill

I just invented a cocktail name, and it was so good I had to invent a cocktail to go with it.

It's a Manhattan variant--specifically, a variant of the Manhattanhenge, also known as a Black Manhattan, in which Amaro is substituted for vermouth. This uses bourbon in place of the traditional rye, because that boy I like prefers bourbon.

I like bourbon too, as it happens.

It's my reward for a stupidly productive two days.

I call this, "Persephone Takes the A Train," and it's in honor of the Storium kickstarter and my Jazz Age/Harlem Renaissance jazzpunk stretch goal.

2 parts bourbon (decent bourbon, please)
1 part Amaro
1 part grenadine (make and use real grenadine, which is just pomegranate juice cooked with an equal weight of sugar to make a syrup. If you use that corn syrup and red dye #5 shit, Persephone is going to look you in the eye and go right back to her mama.)
2 dashes orange bitters (Bitter Truth makes a lovely orange cardamom one that works well)
half a clementine or mandarin orange

Put the bourbon, Amaro, grenadine, and bitters in a lowball glass. Swirl to mix. Squeeze half a clementine into the glass and then drop the crushed fruit in so the peel oils infuse the drink.

Add a little ice.

Enjoy in a leisurely fashion while reading Langston Hughes and listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

I'll start.


Sounds lovely. I'll have to get curgoth to make me one, since I never keep bitters in the house.
Bitters are my favorite thing. I've been known to lick them off my hand like tequila salt. *g*
You're completely right about the grenadine. Next step: making your own custom bitters!
I make an ancho-vanilla bitters that's pretty awesome, and great in chocolate cake and brownies. *g*

We call it Secret Ingredient.
A friend of mine made me something which included a shot of Angostura bitters, but sadly I've forgotten the rest of the recipe. It was tasty though.
1 part grenadine (make and use real grenadine, which is just pomegranate juice cooked with an equal weight of sugar to make a syrup.

Whoa is that seriously all grenadine is? I thought there was some alcohol in there too! What you describe is what I know as pomegranate molasses.
In my lexicon, pomegranate molasses is pomegranate juice reduced to a syrupy consistency, and grenadine is pomegranate juice made syrupy with sugar.

Isn't THAT interesting?
Ah! It is super interesting! Now I think on it I'm pretty sure all I added to pomegranate juice to make molasses was a squeeze of lemon.
So many ways to be delicious, Pomegranates.
oh! I think some people put a splash of vodka in grenadine as a preservative, but I just stick it in the fridge.
Come on over!
Science has your back on that, too.
Interesting; I'll try it with scotch whisky (I don't like Bourbon, too sweet) and vermouth since I don't know what is Amaro. I'll use real, highly concentrated, Pomegranate juice, which I recently discovered. But what is orange bitter?

I love blues and classic Jazz by the way.