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Galleys for May-June issue of A&A are done: we're so organized.Almost two months in advance. I'm learning Corel Web Designer, which is not a particularly intuitive program, but it beats hand-hacking the HTML or doing it in Word (feh!).

The brain pressure to write something is starting to build up: I was actually feeling frustrated this morning that I didn't have a WiP to work on. Which I guess means I should get cracking on finishing The Scar, although it's not a book you can devour in really, really big chunks because it's dense and tiring to read. (Or at least for me, when I'm in my reading-for-content mode, which is slower than my "skimming on an airplane" mode.) I've noticed that the more I learn about writing, the slower I read.

I shoveled through a pile of slush this morning as well, and I'm keeping up on crits pretty good (I did two today, and have one more in my queue currently) although that may fall off once I start the next novel. Also, my cohort on the nonfic project handed me the first chunk of her stuff, so I need to get started working on the proposal and sample chapters for that. So much to do. So few hours in the day.

Oh, and I have to turn in some homework for Ambercon.

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