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and it's such a bloody drag to have to rebuild civilization all over again

What writers get up to when we're supposed to be encouraging each other to work...

stillsostrange: Can I still say "sullen red light" or is that overused?
fadethecat: It doesn’t strike me as cliche.
fadethecat: Though it might depend on context.
matociquala: It might be overused.
matociquala: Why is the light always sullen?
stillsostrange: Alternative?
matociquala: Why never morose?
stillsostrange: Heh
stillsostrange: Because it's grumpy.
fadethecat: Grouchy?
fadethecat: It could be a grumpy red light.
fadethecat: That would not seem cliche at all.
fadethecat: Misanthropic red light.
matociquala: A hangry red light
fadethecat: I would fear the hangry red light.
matociquala: We all would.
stillsostrange: heeee
matociquala: Crabby red light. Put-upon orange light
stillsostrange: ARGH
fadethecat: Contumacious purple light.
stillsostrange: Oh. The light could be purple.
stillsostrange: But then it can't be bruised.
matociquala: welted?
stillsostrange: Inflamed?
matociquala: a purple and red light suffering from cellulitis and blood poisoning.
stillsostrange: No wonder it's sullen.
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