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bear by san

March 2017



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in a garden full of angels you won't ever be alone

The second to last episode of Shadow Unit is up now. It's called "Asylum," and it's be C. L. Polk and me.

It's taken 7 years, 10 writers, 3 editors, 1 illustrator, 1 photographer, 2 geeks, 1 book designer, 1 accountant, and 1 web ghoul.

And countless fans.

And we're actually about to bring this motherfucker home. 

Tonight, on Shadow Unit.

Everything changes.

I mean, even more so than usual.


I am so excited and nervous and, well. ECR. About reading this.

The list of people I want to hug and say gentle supportive things to has radically expanded.

I am a bundle of ECR wrapped around my admiration for the entire creative team.

That was really, really good.

< ∞
Way to take the g/u/n whole damn armory off the mantelpiece and blow a whole through the heart of your fans.

Seriously, I expected the last reveal, but now wouldn't be surprised at another twist. Well done.

Edited at 2014-05-28 12:01 am (UTC)
Speechless with anticipation.
Will Shadow Unit ever be in old-fashioned book form? I'd like to have it on my special bookshelf instead of just digitally.
There is a Create Space edition of #1, Shadow Unit, Anomalous Crimes available at BN.com. Don't know the timeline for any others, but up through Volume 13 are available as ebooks, with just enough story left over to end on #14.

Edited at 2014-05-28 04:32 pm (UTC)
We did a POD of Shadow Unit #1, but as I understand it sales aren't great and the formatting is a bear.

We did pursue trad publishing, but couldn't get anybody interested at the time. We'd love to do dead tree versions...

Shadow Unit Question

First off, if you're not the one to ask about this, or there's a better place on the Shadow Unit website, profuse apologies. I just started delving into Shadow Unit this morning, and am still getting familiar with the website; I recently started following your blog, so figured I'd give asking here a shot.

On the website, it gives a link to a Wiki, said to be especially helpful because of a suggested order page that puts all the eps/vignettes into chronological order. The Wiki keeps giving an error that says the site no longer exists when I try to access, and I wasn't sure if it was under construction or had been removed. If the latter, I was also wondering if there was anywhere else you could get a good chronology, particularly in terms of where all the wonderful vignettes in Case Files fit in relation to the episodes.

Thanks so much for any help, especially as I sense there's a really simple answer I'm missing as a newbie.

Re: Shadow Unit Question

We're having some server problems, and hopefully will get it sorted sooner or later, but there are all kinds of real-world issues complicating the issue, including a DDOS attack on another website on the same server.

I have an idea for a quick and dirty hack that might help out, though. Give me a couple of weeks to see what I can do.