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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds elle lucky

in concert with that blood-washed band

The final episode of Shadow Unit is live, and I am having a complicated emotional response.

I also have a draft program for LonCon III. And I sold a short story to Asimov's and another one to a Sekrit Projekt.

(There will also be at least one signing at the Gollancz table, and I am hoping for a Kaffeklatsch or Literary Beer or reading, but those have not been assigned yet.)

A Reader's Life During Peak Short Fiction

Friday 12:00 - 13:30

There are now more speculative short stories published than any one person can hope to read -- or even find. So how do fans of the short-form navigate this landscape? With so much ground to cover, how does an individual reader find stories they like -- are we more author-driven in our reading habits? Conversely, how and why do particular stories "break out" and become more widely known? To what extent is the greater volume of material enabling -- and recognising -- a greater diversity of authors and topics? And what is the place of short fiction in today's field -- testing ground for ideas, the heart of the discussion, or something else?

Jetse de Vries (M), Abigail Nussbaum, Jonathan Strahan, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Elizabeth Bear

Zombies Run! New Ways of Understanding Games

Friday 13:30 - 15:00

Not all of us think of ourselves as gamers, yet it's quite likely that we've got a number of games or apps on our tablets and phones, or sneaking a quick game of solitaire between breaks. Purchases of games on apps are a huge part of gaming culture, yet many players don't like to be seen as 'gamers'. Perhaps this is because of the sterotypes that surround the image of the gamer, but app purchases also allow alternative groups of players and play style. This panel looks at app gaming, including the interactive running game, Zombies, Run! Writers and developers will discuss not only why Zombies, Run! has become such a success, but what this means in terms of the identity of the gamer.

Ciaran Roberts (M), Naomi Alderman, Elizabeth Bear, Andrea Phillips

Duelling by Starlight: The Joyful Poetry of Space Opera

Saturday 19:00 - 20:00

Space operas are stories of freedom: from the quotidian, or the logic of history, or the constraints of physics itself ... and, often, freedom of the imagination, freedom of the pen. It's sometimes said that the futures of space opera are fantastical, but when are they poetic? Consider the wit of Iain Banks' Culture, the baroque of Justina Robson's Natural History, or the ceaseless invention of Yoon Ha Lee's mythic tales: how do these writers, and others, use language and narrative structure to liberate and excite us? And in our liberation, what do these writers let us see more clearly?

Robert Reed, Jaine Fenn, Rosie Oliver, Adam Roberts, Elizabeth Bear, Hannu Rajaniemi

The Spies We (Still) Love

Sunday 10:00 - 11:00

From James Bond, UNCLE, and the (British!) Avengers to SHIELD and Person of Interest, the world of spies and conspiracy has long been a fixture of Western SF on screen. Yet there has always been ambivalence about such agents' real-world counterparts, and these days most of us have reservations about the extent of US/UK surveilance and big data manipulation. Bearing in mind this context, how have espionage stories evolved over the last forty years? Which shows and films have endured? And which modern examples are most artistically or politically successful, and why?

Nicholas Whyte (M), Elizabeth Bear, Colin Harvey, Gillian Redfearn, Stefanie Zurek

Tiptree Auction

Sunday 4:30-6:00



I just finished reading. I'm probably going to go back and start re-reading from the beginning as soon as I can.

I... I honestly don't know what to say that won't sound trite and stupid and said a thousand times before. I cried so hard I couldn't breathe. But I couldn't stop reading.

Lyrical. Beautiful. Incredible. Master class work, Bear. All of you. If I ever get to teach the screenwriting course I have in my head, I am using this entire body of work as an example of How It's Done.

I wish I had a pile of money to throw at you all to film every single story and put it on screens everywhere.

Well done. Well. Done.

*goes and blows nose*
Thank you. I'm super-glad we did it.

I tried to read it myself, again, and couldn't get through it as a whole thing: I had to read it scene by scene.
*wordlessly flails for a minute, nodding madly in agreement*

Yes. Oh yes. I'm super-glad too.

I don't know how you all managed to *write* it. I mean that in the best way. I would have been wailing and wearing sack cloth through the entire thing...
ECR, indeed. Well done. *also off to blow nose*
Thank you.
Very, very ECR!
Wonderfully written, powerful, creepy at points, tragic, all the things.
I want to hug everyone. Except Beale, of course.
But I want to cheer for Rosemary Brady and Dice!
Thank you.

Yeah, I'm super-proud of both of them. *g*
Janni is Very Jealous of the ZR! panel.

My ER is so C that I haven't been able to bring myself to read it yet. Because then it'll be over.
(And also I have writing I should be doing.)
Finished reading it last night and actually ended up losing sleep over it with my brain wailing at me that it couldn't be true. It's...it's all a dream, right?

Thank you all for the extra scenes, I needed them at the end.

There's a thing I was thinking about this as a whole, and here's as good a place as any to put it.

There were some unexpected side effects for me in having the character LJs etc. We actually *talked* to them. And then there was the Hafidha to end of s3 arc, at the end of which I completely disengaged, stomped off and didn't have a look back at the site until earlier this year.

I was reading around, trying to find where I'd stopped, continued from one that I did remember, got back to the end of s3 again and did not recall it or a few eps before it in the slightest. It wasn't until I got to the very end that I realised I must have read it before, but I still hadn't remembered the events! That was weird. Apparently the second time it was long enough after so they were book-people again and not internet-people.

It isn't often I stop dead like that with anything written, but I think the episodic nature had to do with it. If there'd been more to read at that point, I'd have kept reading despite my reaction. (Walking away happens a lot more with TV!)

I've been keeping up with the last 3 or so as they came out.
Hadn't you ought to add Mr. Brust's name to the copyright legend?

Reading this is going to be like looking down and seeing that the reason your fingers couldn't find any more of those tasty treats is because you've eaten them all, only with your brain/mind involved. There will be denial and anger and sadness, and longing. Sign. I'm going to read it anyway.
Wow. It wasn't until the second to last episode that I realized we were coming to the end. It's a bit of a shock to look back and realize how long it's been since I started following this series back at the very beginning... I'm still trying to figure just how much evil can be traced back to the dastardly Mr. Beale, but part of that is the time between episodes.

Will there be some kind of mega-boxed set now that the series is over? It would make rereading from the beginning so very convenient, as well as being a lovely addition to the Shadow Unit store.

And is it really, really over for good and for all, or will any more extras possibly trickle in?
Oh, it's a TV show. You know eventually there will be a reunion movie and a fifteen years later reboot show. *g*

The ebooks will remain available, of course, and the set will be completed...
Just finished "Something's Gotta Eat T.Rexes". First of all, huge congrats and many, many thanks to all involved in "Shadow Unit", it's been a hell of a ride.

But...WAAAAHH!! Really? You had to do that? REALLY? WAAAAAAAHH!!

Which I guess means you did your job but....WAAAAH!

Conflicted doesn't even begin to cover it!