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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

gave up. passed out.

I will be in London with that boy I like at Nine Worlds Geekfest this coming weekend. Here is my program schedule.

Friday, August 8
8:30 pm

Only A Moment (Room 38).  Paul Cornell says: "This is a well known game involving speaking for a minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition, renamed because the BBC got in touch. (No, seriously!)  I’ll be running it, and Elizabeth Bear, Kieron Gillen, Liz Myles and Laurie Penny will be my guests."

Saturday, August 9

Dragons vs Werewolves vs Vampires vs Warlocks: The Ultimate Deathmatch Smackdown
County C&D, 11:45am - 1pm

Four monsters enter, one monster leaves. Vampires, dragons, werewolves or warlocks? It all gets decided here. Debate: Anne Perry (Moderator), Elizabeth Bear (Dragons), Gail Carriger (Werewolves), Joanne Harris (Vampires), Scott Lynch (Warlocks)


Elizabeth Bear & Scott Lynch
Comm West, 1pm - 2pm

These people are signing at the Forbidden Planet table, in Commonwealth West.


Tell me a story: podficcing - Podficcers and podcasters share techniques and technology
County B, 6:45pm - 8pm
Tracks: Fanfic

Can podficcers learn anything from podcasters, and vice versa? The panel discuss techniques, technology and performance aspects of their respective fields, and hope to discover new insights into the process from one another.

Sunday, August 10

Writing Historical Fiction and Fanfic: is RPF okay when the person is dead?
County B, 11:45am - 1pm
Tracks: Fanfic

How do we write about historical characters? Is historical fiction a form of Real Person Fiction if it features people who appear in the historical record? A panel of authors and fans discuss techniques of writing historical fiction and how writing about the dead differs from writing about the living.


Epic Fantasy: the panel of prophecy!
County C&D, 3:15pm - 4:30pm

And lo, it was prophecised that the heroes of the epic fantasy genre would ascend to the Nine Worlds, where they would battle the Evil One with the Sword of Banter and Wand of Quick Wit +2. Panel: Den Patrick, Scott Lynch, Rebecca Levene, Elizabeth Bear, Gaie Sebold


I mean, really. Go dragons.
They don't call it Dungeons and Wizards, do they?
They could probably do a version called Just Dragons and people would still play.
Seriously. How is this even a question?
Writing Historical Fiction and Fanfic: is RPF okay when the person is dead?

I really, really, really, really, really wish I could be there for that panel.
Definitely going to be at the historic fantasy panel. Lately all I've been writing about are dead-but-once-living people, and it feels a bit cannibalistic at times.

Criminal Minds

Totally off topic, I know. I assume that you still watch CM or at least remember those loffly early days with loff. I just wanted to say that the damned thing is still crack. I started rewatching the first season - mostly out of boredom - and the next thing I knew I was staying up til indecent hours slamming episodes. I'm up to the end of S-4 (Blackout. Bang! Writers = OK, how do we get outta this?) and rereading the comments along with.

I'm posting this to say, again, "thank you" for teaching me how to watch it and turning me on to the subtext(s) and narrative layering. For me, it's gone downhill ever since about 7x01, but it's still mostly the most watchable thing on TV.