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you may throw your rock and hide your hand, working in the dark against your fellow man

I'm home from the Future Tense/Project Hieroglyph events, which were several kinds of amazing and fun.

The most entertaining bit of the whole thing happened when I was alone in my hotel room on Wednesday night, though--the part where I woke up at ten to midnight curled up, freezing, having pulled all the pillows on top of me. And then I spent five minutes arranging the pillows for maximum heat reflectivity before it even occurred to me that I could, you know, get up and turn off the AC, and see if there was an extra blanket in the closet. And then it took an extra five minutes on top of that before I could convince myself to venture out of the dubious warmth of my bed and risk the chill of the room to correct the situation. Of course, once I had done so, I found the blanket and killed the AC and was back in bed and snug and warm in 30 seconds.

And this right here explains why peak oil and global climate change are such fucking intractable problems. Because monkeys, that's why.

The only drawback of the trip has been that half a day's travel home became a full day's travel because Chicago delays, and then my luggage vanished into the void. There's still hope it will be on the porch in the morning, though--and I kind of hope so, because it has 3/5ths of my dress shoes and four of my favorite business dresses in it. And, you know, socks and jeans and shirts and stuff, all of which I like.

That's not an insignificant cash and comfort outlay.

Not to mention some not very valuable but sentimental items, and my best running shorts. (If anybody is about to be moved to make comments about never checking anything, by the way, remember how I feel about unsolicited advice, and remember how much I travel and for how long. Not everything goes in a carry on.)

I think by Mary Robinette Kowal Rules, I now get a drink.

It didn't manage to crush my Zen, though. Apparently, my Zen is uncrushable today, despite several inconveniences (besides the flight delays, I also got on the wrong shuttle and had to walk from valet parking to the extended stay lot I was in, and there were two rather bad accidents on the way home) and emotionally complicated bits of news. Also, the baggage claim lady was marvelous and I think we bonded.

Ladies in Front of Me: "It's a gray hard sided rolling bag with a rainbow strap."
Her: "You'd better describe the contents...."

Me: "It's an electric lime green soft-sided rolling bag that converts to a backpack, and there's hot pink and electric blue leopard print duct tape on it."
Her: "...this is not your first rodeo."

Anyway, perhaps the Airline Elves will leave it in the night. In the meantime, I get to hug my happy dog again and then go sleep in my own bed.
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