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i'm burning diesel, burning dinosaur bones

It's a cover reveal and some terrible teasing!  

A couple of weeks ago, I had an emergency need for some amazing art, and I naturally emailed my friend Jenna Kass, a NYC-based illustrator. I had in mind licensing an old piece of hers, but she was no longer satisfied with the quality of that work, and so we struck a deal that she'd do me a new painting. 

And she did. (She tells the story here. I honestly did not mean to give anyone apoplexy!)

So, dear readers, as some of you have commented, it's currently impossible to get an ebook copy of Whiskey and Water, what with it being out of print and all.

Well, without further ado let me present the new cover for Whiskey and Water.

And because I am a horrible tease, details will follow--soon, I promise!--as to how you can get your very own copy! (Ebook only currently, but we'll see what happens.)

Tags: cover art, promethean age, whiskey & water

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