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bear by san

March 2017



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there's a crack in the mirror and a bloodstain on the bed

My Moscow Metro dog organlegging story, "This Chance Planet," is live at Tor.com!

(I would have mentioned it yesterday, but I was on airplanes.)

And now that I've dropped a giant graphic in your internets and presumably have your attention (art by Robert Hunt), it's time to reveal some titles! The titling gnomes have finally prevailed in their epic battle with der Fehlerteufel, and Eternal Sky 4-6 (collectively known as The Lotus Kingdom) have grown beautiful titles ripe for harvesting.

Or something.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my next three fantasy novels.

The Stone in the Skull

The Red-Stained Wings

The Origin of Storms


These titles. I clutch them to me and pet them and call them my precious. I wait with pretend patience.
If I could fly to the future, collect them, and bring them home, I would be stitching wings right now.
I would cut out the next piece of the wings so you could sew faster on the bit that was already cut out.

But we will get there, and in the meantime I will try not to hover over your internet making big brown puppy eyes and saying, "How 'bout now? How 'bout now? How 'bout now?"
Happy news! I was really hoping there would be more chances to visit that world. Thank you!
Boo-yah! Sold, as I was on the Eternal Sky books. Just a question from an Erem fanboy (an eremite?) -- will we see anything of that Kingdom of Shadows (to steal from CAS) in these books?
Probably not that place. But there's another weird and mystical poisoned land we might visit a bit. ;)
Hooray! ...wait. That's ... that's not innately good, is it?
I read the Tor story yesterday, found it more thinky than fluffy.

also, I've been saving the Eternal Skies trilogy to read at one time. (Yes I bought all three as they came out, then waited). Still haven't quite finished because my medical leave was interrupted by work emails.
Thought you would appreciate that I put off starting the series until I was recuperating from a hysterectomy.

Oh dear.

I'm ...sorry? :) I hope you are healing well!
No problem, I did have a "this is kinda meta" moment, but then again I did have access to RX painkillers when I started it.
I wound up out of the office less than two weeks, and was answering work emails on the phone shortly after I got to my room after surgery.
I highly recommend having a robot involved. Not quite ready to hike through mountains yet, but able to drive within two weeks is good if not the time off I planned.
I had planned to blow through these and a couple other trilogies, but still haven't finished Steles of the Sky. (Which is the point of the digression - they are still a treat I'm taking my time on.)

Edited at 2014-10-23 11:37 pm (UTC)
I will bear that advice about the robot in mind, should my turn come.

I hope the ending holds up for you. *g*
Oooo. Does the last one concern the nexus of the crisis?
Those are lovely titles. And congratulations.
"Someone" needs to teach a workshop on "How I come up with these amazing titles for my amazing books." (I am only half-joking)

I love them.
The short answer is "skull sweat." *g*
Bottle that stuff - I need some! :)
Okay, I have to ask. Is "The Origin of Storms" from the song "Astronomy"? Because that's totally where I got it from, and now if I ever get around to writing that epic fantasy series that's been vaguely in my head for the last fifteen years, I'll have to come up with a new title for the first book. :-P

Congrats, though!

Although, yanno. Titles, still reusable. I seem to have kicked off cascades of "HAMMERED".
Individual words are more reusable than whole phrases, generally. But it's as much an issue of my brain going "no, that's Bear's book" when it hears the phrase as it is any kind of official problem.


Again. Well done that excellent author

Re: Congratulations!

Thank you!
Wow, the illustration fairy done you proud on that one.

Ach, der Fehlerteufel!
What a nice new rated G for general audiences swear ist das. It exclaims nicely and is suitable for dark mutterings. Sold.

re: the Tor site

I realize it's a proofreading error, but I would, nevertheless, like to see what a "petal buss" is.
Another story about the dog is requested!

Re: the Tor site

Not a typo. *g*