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bear by san

March 2017



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they got a name for the winners in the world. i want a name when i lose.

So I'm doing #NaNoFinishMo again this year. Because every month is #NaNoWriMo around here.

Except for this year, apparently, because I got next to nothing done between May and October. Literally. I'm looking at my little metrics spreadsheet thingy, and there's like twelve weeks when I wrote zero words this year.

Travel is a productivity killer, people.

Of course, I am ignoring all those silly NaNoWriMo rules about when you start and what your project is supposed to be. This is not for science.

Anyway, I'm back on the writing wagon, which feels kind of amazing. But also I'd forgotten how exhausting a really productive writing day can be. Here it is, 2 pm, and I am out of brain function for the day. I'm just going to lie on the sofa and read some Walter Mosley, I think.

But! I did break 60K on An Apprentice to Elves! So here, have a thingy.

60065 / 100000 words. 60% done!


I'm gonna just be trying to write every day with no metrics. It's not gonna be the best NaNo ever, but it'll be better than nothing.
It's like running. Half the battle is just getting off the couch.
Yay words!
I was very productive yesterday, by my standards. Today I struggled to make 150 words. Bah. Tomorrow....
This is my first year of NaNoFiMo. Normally I start something new, but this year, I need to finish, like woah. Having been sick for two months also nukes productivity. I feel you on the travel nuke.

*clinks glasses with you*
Drink Scotch whiskey all night long,
And die behind the wheel...
When July rolled in sooner than I thought it should, I thought, "You know, there's still half the year left, you could totally finish this novel." Now I'm thinking, "Well, hey, there's still November, when lots of people will be writing like fiends."

I'm glad you are writing All the Things.

I had already decided to use NaNo to revise and finish the PhD novel (seriously--4 of the 5 sections don't have flippin *endings*), and now I know that my idea has a name! That excites me to know I'm not alone. Also, yay you for words :)
rah rah rah

Revise that thing. *g*