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one little word and you can't keep it in your pants

I'm home from Icon, where that boy I like and I had a wonderful time. It's a great little con in Cedar Rapids, relaxing and full of fun people, and I AM TOTALLY NOT GETTING CON CRUD AT ALL.

Also, it turns out Jim C. Hines is a pretty darn good photographer in addition to all his other skillz.

Good. Now that that's settled, on to some news! Karen Memory got a great review in Publishers Weekly, which follows. (It gives away some stuff we were planning to keep off the cover, but such is the review life.)


Bear’s rollicking, suspenseful, and sentimental steampunk novel introduces Karen Memery (“like ‘memory’ only spelt with an e”), a teenage “seamstress”—that is, a prostitute—at Madame Damnable’s Hôtel Mon Cherie in Rapid City. This Pacific Northwest city of an alternate 1878 is home to airships, surgical machines, and other mechanical wonders that can also be put to horrific use. As Karen meets and begins to fall for Priya, another sex worker who escaped from evil pimp Peter Bantle, they learn that Bantle has more dark plans than brothel competition. U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves and his Comanche partner, Tomoatooah, also tie Bantle to the gruesome murders of some of Rapid City’s most vulnerable women. Bear (The Eternal Sky) gives Karen a colorful voice, sharp eyes, and the spunk and skills necessary to scuffle with bad types as well as to win over people whose help she needs. Her story is a timeless one: a woman doing what is needed to get by while dreaming and fighting for great things to come. Agent: Jennifer Jackson, Donald Maass Literary Agency. (Feb.)
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