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when we walk away from the storm's door then I will be afraid no more.

Well, there's that. #NaNoFinishMo is in full swing, and I'll hit 70K on the welves tomorrow.

I really like what I wrote today. There's at least one paragraph where I felt like I was absolutely in control of my craft, which is always a really good feeling.

68326 / 100000 words. 68% done!

The little Scrivener completion bar is more greenish than goldy. Also a good feeling.

I've never had any luck with Scrivener before this: I've tried to use it twice and found it conflicted hellishly with my process. However, this time It's really helping me get my head around the timelines in this novel, and also the flow from scene to scene and chapter to chapter--and being able to break this monster into smaller chunks is helping with the intimidation factor, too.

And now, off to dinner. PANTS!
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