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one sunny day the world was waiting for a lover

It's work, work, all the day long.

I'm recovering from Windycon, and managed to get a solid day's work done yesterday in spite of all the fuss of re-entering my life after being away for nearly a month. (The dog is clipped and bathed, as he managed to turn himself into one giant mat while I was gone. And the house is tolerably clean.)

90449 / 100000 words. 90% done!

As for the welves, well... that's where I'm starting off today with regard to An Apprentice to Elves in draft. It's just climax from here on out.

And I had damned well better be in the final push on this book, is all I'm saying. I can see the finish line from here, and while it's probably going to come in a bit longer than 100,000 words, the end is within sight. Now I just have to catch back up to my NaNoFinishMo goals, because I'm lagging behind there.

The good news is that I have all day today to write--once I eat something, anyway, because I forgot about breakfast again.

(Oh, yeah, and I'm really back on the Discipline again, because wow none of my pants fit after all the travel and food and failure to exercise sufficiently this year. Aiee.)

So, as if the tradition of my tribe, here's a picture of some tea and another one of my supervisor, who is camped on the couch with me while I work.

Tea today is a green Darjeeling from the Tindharia Estate, via Upton Tea. Teacup today is Royal Albert confetti roses, which was a gift from thecoughlin and my mom.

And now, that food and those words.
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