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don't hold your breath, 'cause the pretty things are going to hell.

Well, so far today I've started soup, answered some email, made some green chili that came out spicier than planned but was awfully good on beans for lunch, eaten two meals of real food, and... I'm sure I did something else. Listened to two episodes of Welcome To Night Vale.

Somehow, that all took five hours. No, I don't know either.

Now, however, I bring you Indicators & Warnings with a reaction to Hieroglyph, and my story "Covenant", and also some interviewing of me!

And now some words must happen. Ish. If I hit 100K tonight, I get a cocktail and some How to Get Away With Murder, which is terrible and I can't stop watching it. And hey, Viola Davis, such wow.

Tea today: Trader Joe's coconut green
Teacup today: Grace preppie roses
Dog: It's chicken soup day! It's the best day!

Tags: daily commute, giant ridiculous dog, tea, writer at work at work

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