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how hard would it have been to say some kinder words instead?

Winter is coming. Which means 'tis almost the season for Jethro Tull. ;)

(Actually, around here, Tull Season is pretty much any time. But any excuse to break out those wonderful songs about cold weather and dysfunctional families is a good excuse.)

(That would be from the first Tull tour I ever saw: the Rock Island tour, which I attended in Halloween at the New Haven Coliseum in 1989.)

And now, it's time to quit stalling and try to write the last chapter of this book. Nothing left but the kaboom, anyway. THE END IS NIGH.

I'd rather be doing all sorts of things.

Teacup today: The blue and white one I bought in Iceland.
Tea today: Upton young Hyson China green tea

Tags: #nanofinishmo, daily commute, iskryne, slide flat food under the door, tea, walk to the end of the draft, with your draft or on it

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