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i don't want knowledge. i want certainty.

I'm sitting on the sofa with the dog and a cup of tea. So life is pretty much what it should be, as far as the dog is concerned.

Been a productive couple of days. The book is with truepenny, and I'm busy cleaning up the mess my to-list has become in the throes of noveling. So, registered for health insurance, found a new dentist, made an appointment with the dentist, got with the chimney sweep and made an appointment to get the chimneys done, paid bills, bought flights, made hotel reservations, went for a run (went better than I feared, considering thirty-one days of mostly slugitude), did yoga, ordered tea, remembered birthdays, checked in with ignored friends, answered dangling emails, agreed to some interviews and some work, made plans to see Mockingjay AND Big Hero Six, cleaned the pantry and the kitchen and the rest of the house, bought things for Thanksgiving dinner...

Wow, it just suddenly got dark out there.

Tomorrow it looks like I get to shovel yay.

Next project: doing a proofread on the Whiskey & Water ebook, because apparently there's some serious OCR issues, and getting a corrected version with Jenna Kass's glorious new cover art up at the usual places.

You know, I think I might need an English muffin.

Tags: life is an adventure, the glamour!

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