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bear by san

March 2017



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i won't rest before the world is made

It's my third day in a row of resuming a regular yoga practice.

Why do I let myself forget how beneficial this stuff is when I get busy and harried and made of deadlines and travel?

And oh, I have lost so very much ground. Sigh.

Well, we learn through the humility of knowing how much work we have to do.

So I guess there's that, at least.

Don't keep up with the maintenance, face the repairs...


I keep telling myself I need to re-start my own yoga - and I have yet to do so. Part of it, I think, is that I've yet to find a DVD series that really resonates with me.

I used to do Steve Ross' yoga when it was airing on television - I really liked his upbeat, fun style. But most of the videos I've found go the exact opposite direction.

I really need to just suck it up, find a yoga series that does the type of yoga I prefer (I prefer holding poses for a longer period than the quick/power/aerobic stuff) and deal with the slow meditation music/style.
I'm a big fan of Steve Ross too. Have you tried Rodney Yee or Tracey Rich (She does the Total Yoga series)? They don't do the upbeat music, so much, but they're both flow/power yoga style instructors and I like their stuff a lot.

I haven't, but I'll give them a try! Thanks for the recommendations :)

One problem I've found is that most videos inevitably think I'm ready to do headstands and/or things requiring lots of upper arm strength - which I do not have - and they never seem to offer an "here's what you can do instead that will help build the strength you need so you eventually can!"
Oh, yeah, both the Yee and the Rich have programs for that. Yee has beginner workouts--his AM Yoga series is five different easy 20 minute workouts--and Rich has a series of three videos--Earth, Water, and Fire, IIRC, which take you through the levels.

Yee won't start hitting you with hand or headstands until his Intermediate videos, and he coaches through them effectively.
Awesome! Thanks again - have a great Thanksgiving!