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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia plan b

you live your life, as if it's real

Well, absolutely no writing has gotten done since I handed the welves off to the truepenny. And I am, quite frankly, okay with that. I've been catching up on reading and playing Portal and watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. (Spoiler, I love it.)

Also, finally got around to replacing my dead desktop, two and a half years later. Let's hear it for pre-holiday sales. So there was two days of computer setting up. Because that's how these things go. And that necessitated rearranging the office a little.

Leonard Cohen's Popular Problems is looking to be the theme album for The Stone in the Skull. Or at the very least, for the Gage.

I had to leave
My life behind
I dug some graves
You’ll never find

The story’s told
With facts and lies
I had a name
But never mind

Here's what my corner of the office looks like now.

And here's today's teacup, which is a Royal Albert morning glory cup from the "Friendship" series that I found on eBay. (My favorite flowers: morning glories, iris, lilacs, crocus.)

Tea today: Upton's Yamato sencha.

Bonus: Saturday's teacup, which is a Queen Anne decorated with violets that I inherited from a family friend. It's full of Upton's Assam-based Irish Breakfast with milk and sugar.

I do need to start fighting back from the post-novel ennui and whatever mild crud I've been fighting off. I apparently have some OCR issues to fix in the ebook version of Whiskey and Water, and I have some kickstarter stuff for Worldspinners due in January, and there's Tiptree reading to get done. And I have all this email to answer. And a secret santa gift to make, and some holiday baking to do. And trying to reconnect with friends after a year of hard travel and long absences, and the attendant loss of fitness and extra weight I'm carrying. And I need to get serious about my training for the half marathon in February, in related news.

I'm just so damned stupid tired. I've been turning down and bowing out of projects left and right, and I'm still booked up for 2015 already. Which is a good problem to have, but also, wow. Tired.

There is so much constant damn maintenance in this life.

My father says I'm chosen. My mother says I'm not.


Thank you for the reminder that every day is better with a little Leonard Cohen in it. Enjoy your tea and get some rest. You've earned it.
LOVE your studio!
I'm so envious of your workspace! All those plants!!

And I can never talk about Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries without pronouncing it Meeeeeees Fiiishaaaa.


Is that an IBM rapid access keyboard? Nice!

Re: Keyboard

It is! Sadly, not an M-series (I had one, but it died, and I need to replace it one of these days) but it's a vintage KB-7953--still quite solid, and useful for home defense!

Not quite as nice a key response, but I kill modern keyboards in 18 months or less (I usually go through about three per laptop between purchase and replacement), and the old IBMs not only never die, I think they cause less RSI, honestly.
oh I have been wanting a nice murder mystery series to follow. Will have to check out this one.
Your link to the truepenny seems to be broken...
Well, as we all know, a good horse story or two can serve as a pick-me-up...and I see that Merri Melde (The Equestrian Vagabond, the writer who first turned me on to Black Caviar) is publishing some racetrack memoirs...counting my own pennies for that set of stories. You know. Just in case you don't have enough to read ;-)
Love the wonderful windows and greenery in your office. Miss Fisher is an amazing, rockin' lady.
That's a nice-looking workspace - looks like it gets great light. Also, the tiny octopus-inna-jar made me meep helplessly for a bit from the cute.

It used to be the piano parlor, because this house is old. *g*
*drools* Your office is amazing. Those windows! *jealous*
Miss Fisher is a joy. Caught it first on Acorn, but yes, now it's on Netflix.

Good For You!

I see the standing workstation, complete with foot care mat.
The Tea Service is exquisite. Well done that Author!
Smiles for you.

Re: Good For You!

I can't write standing, but I do a lot of email and editing there. ;)
This last weekend, partly from your twitter rec & partly a friend telling me in person, we watched Phryne and immediately declared she was our new favorite hero.

Also, I want her entire wardrobe.
Just chiming in to agree that Miss Fisher is the best. (For my money, the second season is not quite as fun as the first, but it's still a whole lot of fun.)
That's a fine looking workspace.