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i know that I'm forgiven but I don't know how i know

Okay, the last iceberg for December is in my sights. I've actually seriously got my teeth into this trawl through the Whiskey and Water ebook for OCR artifacts. And yeah, they're everywhere. Sorry guys: fix coming soon.

tea today: Upton Mango Indica
teacup today: Royal Albert confetti roses, which is my girliest teacup. The one behind it, which currently holds water with lemon, was bought on Martha's Vineyard from a local potter in Oak Bluffs.

I also finished the orange peel today and mailed a bunch off to a fairly random list of people (It came out delicious--even my mom liked it, and she is not into candied peel of any kind)

Weather continues [X] frightful, which is wreaking havoc with my outdoor exercise. Supposed to be nicer Friday and Saturday, though. 

And the other day I finally went back and beat the Portal bossfight, because I had bailed on it years ago and just watched it on Youtube. Apparently I've gotten better at hitting that E key, because I actually got the damned hovercore on the seventy-eleventh attempt. Now I never have to do that again.

And now, back to picking through Whiskey and Water and listening to Leonard Cohen.

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