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come to death... and follow me

My goodness, I'm tired. Although it turns out that I like Whiskey and Water better than I expected. Ten years after writing it, it's a pretty good book. So now I know what the half-life for novel trauma is...

Once I do a little work on copy and the cover, we may even find it up on Amazon and B&N and such. But that will not happen tonight. Tonight I am just happy the proofreading is done.

All that's going to happen tonight is me falling over.

Tea today: Upton gen mai cha, which is my favorite tea in the world right now.
Teacup today: The cup is Westbrook, bought at a local barn sale, and the saucer is Wedgewood, off ebay. They match pretty good, I think. In direct sunlight, you can see a slight difference in the shades of the green.

Florence + the Machine make everything better.

Tags: daily commute, promethean age, tea, whiskey & water

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