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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls  mae west

and the only solution was to stand and fight

I have a new hat!

A pretty stylin' hat, too. My mother made it for me.

Also, Amazon seems to think that the publication date for An Apprentice to Elves is October 13, 2015. They might even be right!!

In other news, today was mostly setting up ebook pubs of Whiskey and Water, which is now available again through Smashwords right now, and will be going up at B&N, Amazon, the Apple store, etc, shortly.

Tea today: Upton rose congou
Teacup today: still stuck on the Royal Doulton irises, because they're pretty. With my squid mug in the background, because it had coffee in it. cooooffeeeee.


Well, that's a bonny bonnet!
That is indeed a most awesome piece of headgear.
Great Hat
Go Mom

I call it cunning! A cunning hat!
That is a fantastic hat!
And a truly fine shawl as well!
Oh, the Upton rose congou is amazing. I just finished off my stash, and -- more. Yes, more.
Good think it's affordable. *g*

Upton kept me in great tea through college and genX brokeness.
Indeed. :-)

And they're so close to Boston that even the regular shipping is usually second-day.
I have ordered stuff at like, 4 pm and gotten in the next morning. Admittedly, it's only like fifteen miles. But I can't get a car tax check to Town Hall that fast, and it's across the street.

I think they employ elves.
Magical, tea-powered elves.
I like the colors of this very styling beret, and the wrap/shawl as well. I especially like your pen cup in the pix of your amazing collection of tea cups. (Irises are my favorite flower . . )
I own a sweater that would go perfectly with that hat! You might be able to find one for yourself at a Chico's outlet store near you.
Pretty hat. Made with handspun? If so, yours?
Nope. Noro Silk Garden, I think.