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bear by san

March 2017



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they can't get enough of that doomsday song

Yesterday was a comedy of errors here at the ranch. I was supposed to be picking Scott up at the airport, and this is how his day went. So no Scott, and all our holiday plans have exploded as a result.

Disappointing, to say the least. And the hazard of long-distance relationships.

I bake to cope. And, in baking to cope news, I made a lovely lime olive oil cake for tonight... except I made it in the fancy elaborate new rose-shaped Bundt pan I got for christmas, and the damned thing won't come out!

I prepared the pan properly and have tried all the tricks to get it out in one piece: I think the recipe is just too sticky for this particular design of Bundt.

(It's delicious, though.)

I guess we're having trifle.

At least raspberries go well with lime.


ETA: HAH I GOT IT OUT OF THE PAN THE FREEZING AND THAWING TRICK WORKED. It's not perfect--some of the petals are broken--but it looks like it overbaked slightly at the edges and that's why it stuck.

Freeze/thawing and then steam-heating the pan loosened it enough so I could pry it out with my fingertips.

Powdered sugar fixes everything.


Yipes! Scott had a scary day. Glad he's doing ok now.
Oh, that is horrible! Please give him our sympathy and best wishes.

Oh dear. Recovery vibes to Scott, and sympathies to you both. Interrupted plans of that sort SUCK.

There's nothing bad to be said about trifle, tho.
"Powdered sugar fixes everything" -- that's going to be my motto for 2015. (Sorry for your other travails...)
Wow. That really sucks.

I'm very glad that Scott is still not dead.
You and me both. And him! Him too!
May the trend of not being dead continue for a very long time!
OMG -- what a shock! I'm so sorry he had to go through all of that, but I'm glad he's recovering. Whew.
I got a silicone spiral bundt pan, and that helps enormously with the decanting of things. The last time I made a cake in the standard bundt pan--just a normal chocolate cake, nothing weird about it--I finally had to go rip the thing out in spoonful. Tasty, but inelegant, and awful for a baker's amour propre.

Olive oil lime sounds fabulous.
And Jesus wept, poor Scott! And poor you, having all your plans knocked into a hat. Foh.
Oh my gosh, poor Scott! :( How scary for him, and scary for you.

And after reading that I feel weird talking about baking like nothing else happened, but I understand (and do myself) baking for comfort. Anyway. Scott will be ok, we can focus on bundts. Baker's Joy (spray oil with flour) is the best thing to use for shaped bundt/loaf pans! Layer it on thick and heavy.

My sympathies to both of you.
wow, thats some adventure! I have such bizarre allergies I always read the ingredients (even on a bottle of "water" cuz you never know!)

Thats also a very neat trick with getting something out of a tricksey pan. I need to remember that.
Oh, no, I'm so sorry about your lost visit! And about Scott's travails. I always did think energy drinks were evil.

Does the cake have eggs in it?

Sounds scary and I'm glad he's okay now.

Cake sounds lovely!
Poor Scott! That seriously sucks as an experience, even without fun holidays plans. I'm glad it's resolving into materials for a future entertaining story.

Mmm. Cake.