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though we're lost here in the deep, we like angels never weep

1400 words today on "The Bone War." Which gets me to the primary conflict, and I should have another day or two of writing to finish a draft, if everything goes as planned. Then I can go back to the interrupted "And the Balance in Blood," which still needs a climax. Now that I'm not trying to cram it into a too-small space, I can even go back and put some more conflict at the beginning.

In other news, I'm engaged in making ghost chili vodka, which is largely the fault of ursulav and her spouse, and their habanero vodka. Right now, it looks like this:

And here's today's tea, which is Upton's Yamato sencha, in today's teacup, which is the Frankencup. (The cup and saucer don't actually match, but they're learning to cohabitate pretty well.)

Tags: daily commute, food snuff porn, tea

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