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bear by san

March 2017



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writing karen memory

just go along til they turn out the lights

Get out your notebooks, guys, I've got a lot of news.

Save the date-type object! I will be appearing at Pandemonium Books in Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts at 7 pm on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12th (That's Boskone Eve) for a Karen Memory book launch! My beloved Scott Lynch will be with me, shilling his own stuff!

There will be cookies!

Also, Cynthia Sheppard, my awesome cover artist, just won the IBA Grand Prize for her cover art for said Karen Memory! Not bad, not bad at all!

Also, I finished a draft of "The Bone War" today and wrote nearly 3,000 words doing it. My butt hurts. But I'm very pleased with how it seems to be coming out/shaping up. It's a Bijou story, it involves paleontologists and making fun of academics, and I'll let you know when you can read it somewhere!

Here is the tea that helped:

It's Upton gen mai cha, and I bought the teacup in Iceland. Because I'm somebody who has been to Iceland now.

Winter is finally here, speaking of ice (see what a good segue that was?!), and the cold made the windows pretty last night, I brought some proof.



Oh gosh I want to go to Iceland one day! Did you enjoy it?
Wrong Cambridge :-(! I wish you were coming to the one I'm in. But have a lovely time.
I wish I were, too. Someday! I want to bring Scott there.
Lures you both with home-made cake....
You are both welcome any time.
Clearly we need to hold a con and invite you as guests. Hmmmm.....
I notice the orange things. Are they tangerines or satsumas? (AKA mandarin oranges) I adore satsumas. My Uncle used to grow the best satsumas. He's 94 now, his satsuma acreage has been sold, all the trees grubbed up and a couple of $2 million homes put in their place. Breaks my heart.