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December 2021



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i'm gonna give all that i've got to give. cross my heart and i hope to live.

First, I must shill!

I will be appearing as a call-in guest on the Flyover Zone radio show today at noon my time, 11 Central.  We will be talking about Karen Memory.

Now on to the rest.

Yesterday, I adulted so long and so hard that when it was done I felt quite sick. But I did many responsible things involving well-mammal appointments for the GRD and me, and insurance for me, and I went to the gym and lifted seriously for the first time since 2013. I must resume Discipline. I have resumed Discipline, because 2014 was bad for everything about taking care of myself physically, except indulging the sensual animal, as it were.

Pretty sure I've got a three-millimeter thick subcutaneous layer of French butter over my entire body, is what I'm saying here.

But I did lift--deadlifts, squats, bench presses--and let's just say that my deadlift is not what it was in 2013. But we shall prevail! And the soreness isn't too bad today--I shall yoga a little, and that should clear it up.

Fitness, lifetime commitment, sustainable choices, yadda yadda.

I like this gym. Pickings are slim out where I live, but this place is like a Gold's Gym circa 1985, except with a much bigger cardio room. ;)

I wrote a hundred words on "And the Balance in Blood," mostly queries to myself, and that served for writing for the day.

And I seem to have successfully resurrected my shoggoth, or standuponit's shoggoth if you prefer. It was residing in the freezer during my year of much travel last year, and I think today I will use some of it to make delicious bread.


Warning on the soreness thing -- I have discovered, with advancing age, that soreness can manifest on the second day after novelty exertion rather than the first.
I've been lifting weights/running/rock climbing/whatever for years. I'm pretty experienced with the related phenomena.
I like "shoggoth" as a term for starter because it's so descriptive. Must make myself a spelt one. I've never done this from scratch. Hmm.

Argh, the Discipline. 2014 was a slack year here, as well. But the DH is retiring in April, and he swears that as part of his (our, really) return to fitness, we're gonna ski and yoga most of April. And hike, and paint house, and move 350 miles, including a horse. We'll see if that works. Otherwise, shucky darn, it'll have to wait until we're in the Wallowas and have to hike there. ;-)

Just wish that getting fit again didn't get harder with age. I am finding in the late fifties that it ain't as easy as it was even four years ago. Sigh.

So a toast to the Discipline...and a tiny selfish wish that enough people I know have similar inclinations, so that we can all encourage each other into action through our postings...

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I believe I'll have to find my way to that event. :)
I've got a three-millimeter thick subcutaneous layer of French butter over my entire body,

please let it be a quality truffle butter with confit..
I hear you. I need to restart doing the exercises I did for shoulder and knee rehab. My knee has been very unhappy with me of late and I know it's because I slacked off and couch potatoed too much in 2014. I need to restrengthen the muscle girdle around it, particularly the quads. Also need to work on that inner upper thigh "pone." Know I'm preaching to the choir here. You continue to be an inspiration to me to take charge of my bod and do right by it.