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i'm gonna give all that i've got to give. cross my heart and i hope to live.

First, I must shill!

I will be appearing as a call-in guest on the Flyover Zone radio show today at noon my time, 11 Central.  We will be talking about Karen Memory.

Now on to the rest.

Yesterday, I adulted so long and so hard that when it was done I felt quite sick. But I did many responsible things involving well-mammal appointments for the GRD and me, and insurance for me, and I went to the gym and lifted seriously for the first time since 2013. I must resume Discipline. I have resumed Discipline, because 2014 was bad for everything about taking care of myself physically, except indulging the sensual animal, as it were.

Pretty sure I've got a three-millimeter thick subcutaneous layer of French butter over my entire body, is what I'm saying here.

But I did lift--deadlifts, squats, bench presses--and let's just say that my deadlift is not what it was in 2013. But we shall prevail! And the soreness isn't too bad today--I shall yoga a little, and that should clear it up.

Fitness, lifetime commitment, sustainable choices, yadda yadda.

I like this gym. Pickings are slim out where I live, but this place is like a Gold's Gym circa 1985, except with a much bigger cardio room. ;)

I wrote a hundred words on "And the Balance in Blood," mostly queries to myself, and that served for writing for the day.

And I seem to have successfully resurrected my shoggoth, or standuponit's shoggoth if you prefer. It was residing in the freezer during my year of much travel last year, and I think today I will use some of it to make delicious bread.
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