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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle ash dickhead

"i question your innocence!"

1274 words of guest blog posts today, which is like productivity while I look for the end of this story. And I have some other work to do while it computes, too, so that's all beneficial.

And since it was nonfiction, I mostly did it at my standing desk. (I mostly have a hard time writing fiction standing up.) Also, I could listen to music. (Which is hard with fiction, again, except sometimes when it's mandatory, because brains are dicks.)

I enjoy the standing desk, because it also functions as a dancing desk, and I like that.

All in all, a productive use for a day that was a pile of wintry mix outdoors.

Tea today: Stash White Christmas. (I'm in a rut.)
Teacup today: confetti roses


At work, I'm doing a lot of standing for most tasks on the computer: email, data reconciliation, documentation, etc. Same at home with most things--but time to do some serious academic writing, and it's usually got to be the squishy chair with my feet up and sources scattered around me. Go figure.
:waves hello and sends good wishes:
(I'm in a rut.)

That might explain why your workplace is listing to starboard :-)
I love my standing desk! So easy to shift around. Although I can't write well when standing, either. Weird. :)
Yeah. I really sort of need to be able to get all the way up in my head for effective fiction writing.
That's a gorgeous desk. You have inspired me to do something about this shit-fest i work at :D
I made a decision a while back to create a pleasant work environment for myself and keep it at least marginally clean.

It makes a huge difference to my mental state to have pretty things to look at.
This...is an excellent plan. I see a goal in my future. :)
I'm coming around to thinking that a standing desk would be a wonderful thing.