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Progress Notes

818 words on Bridge of Blood & Iron, finally, once I got that nasty character hiccup ironed out and got my characters into their places.

Pictures Ricardo Montalban warbling 'Places, people! Places!' and wishes for better drugs.

Page 138 of 500. Progress *is* being made. Also, it turns out that the subplot that I thought had nothing to do with the major plots and themes of the book, and was just there to keep a POV character busy until he was needed for the main plot, is, in fact, a major thematic element in the story and a piece of misdirection. This is really kind of exciting.

Also, somewhat slow going, this rewrite process, when the revisions are this intense. It becomes almost like writing a whole new book around the bones of the old one. Or possibly sewing a sasquatch suit to pack your monkey into, so people think it's a sasquatch and has been all along.

However, it's already becoming a richer, more complex book. Less about the journey of the protagonist, which is what it was before, and more about the journey of the world.

Interesting, that.

Also, wrote a long pointless backstory thing for a short story I've already finished (the backstory thing actually longer than the short story--writers is nuts) written yesterday and today. Not actual wordcount, because it's not for publication. But I had fun playing with the characters.

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