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bear by san

March 2017



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sf star trek horta/spock

they call me big mama 'cause i weigh three hundred pounds

Hey, look what came in the mail! It's a copy of Old Venus, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. This awesome anthology is a followup to last year's Old Mars, and it's made of Eleanor Arnason, David Brin, Tobias S. Buckell, Michael Cassutt, Joe Haldeman, Matthew Hughes, Gwyneth Jones, Joe R. Landsdale, Stephen Leigh, Paul McAuley, Ian McDOnald, Garth Nyx, Mike Resnick, Allen M. Steele, Lavie Tidhar, and meeeeee.

Yeah, I'll never be over typing lists like that.

(Tea today: Stash Sunny Orange Ginger
Teacup today: Still White Nile, but I might change later.)

Old Venus goes on sale March 3rd, but you can pre-order now. As you can probably guess, it's tales of a classic SF swampy Venus, reimagined through a modern lens. I chose to do my story, "The Heart's Filthy Lesson," as if the Venera probes had borne out a living Venus with a rich atmosphere, but with as much reinforcing actual modern science as possible otherwise.

(The art that's serving as my desktop is copyright Dan Zollinger--it's the banner for my Gotham Jazz Storium world.)

And now, before I go off to the gym to run on the treadmill, because I'm being a wimp about the snow, some pretty pictures of sunrise yesterday:

And the verrrry impressive icicles at my vet:

Now, to exercise, and then I have more guest blogging and interview questions to do, and a plot problem to solve so I can finish this post-apocalyptic sargasso lighthouse story tomorrow.


Ooh, I hadn't even heard of this. *adds to shopping list*
I second this! I have a Unicomp 101 but it's still not a Model M. :-)
Best keyboard is best. ;)
If you ever have occasion to be driving thru Kentucky during the winter, you may see icicles even more impressive than those along the side of the road. The major KY highways were made more level by cutting down thru some of the local hills, and where those rise up along the side of the highway, the snowmelt which seeps out of them drips and freezes into some truly astounding icicle displays.
I hope you were just passing the vets and not visiting because GRD needed something? :)
The GRD appears to be in good health! I was picking up some medication.
Hurrah! *sends belly rubs to GRD*