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bear by san

March 2017



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literature charlotte some spider

there's a hole in my head where the rain comes in

Just for your reference, this is what we have on the ground for snow currently, before the major dump from Snowzilla tonight and tomorrow.

The GRD is 27" at the shoulder and weighs 94 pounds. For comparison's sake.

I apologize for the blurriness. It's dark out there!


Is the enthusiasm for Outside! or just general purpose dogjoy?
That's actually "Jesus, lady, quit it with the camera and let me come up the stairs, it's nasty out here!"
Those toes slay me.
I was coming here to ask... Is that just because they're wet or is that a Briar-specific trait?
Ah. Thank you. That'd be the visual representation of this:

OMG. That's a marvelous graphic!
I had best not show these to Ista. 1) We have paltry, meager amounts of snow. 2) At least once a week we have the conversation at the back door where I say, "Ista, Piggy doesn't go outside," and she sighs and drops Piggy with much reluctance.
Ace only gets to take the lion out in the side yard, because if he takes it out in the big yard he shares with the other dogs, they kill it.

And he gets policed to make sure that the lion comes back in. :)
We cannot be losing our lion!
Sounds like the voice of sad experience.
That is serious snow.
Also, GRD is so cute going for a walk with his toy!
Absolutely loved those pics! Yay GRD with toy in snow!