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she won't buy you a mockingbird. she's incapable.

You guys, I just invented the best dessert. It's so good I forgot to take a picture before I mostly ated it.

You will need:

a single-serving cup of blackberry Greek yogurt
an equal quantiity of plain Greek yogurt or skyr
a one-cup package of blackberries or one cup frozen blackberries
creme de cassis, Chambord, Creme Yvette or something like that
a sugarbowl with sugar in it that you stuck a vanilla bean in some time time ago, or some plain sugar and some vanilla extract
really good dark bittersweet chocolate chips or curls

Two pretty teacups or small bowls that hold about eight ounces.

Two spoons

A microwave-safe bowl, and a mixing bowl. They can be the same bowl if you work in stages.


Mix together the yogurts and spoon half into each teacup or whatever. Then put the blackberries into the bowl and microwave them for a minute or so, just until they ooze and get squishy and warm. If you have two bowls, you can start this before you mix the yogurts. Mix in the vanilla sugar, or sugar and vanilla.

Drizzle a teaspoon or so of liqueur over each cup of yogurt.

Spoon the blackberries over each yogurt. Dot with chocolate chips while still warm enough that they melt. Eat and wish there were more.
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