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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

they move so smooth but have no answers

The storm is over and the sun came out. Everything is melting, only to freeze again soon. More snow in the forecast. I'll be very surprised if we don't break the record this winter. We're less than seven inches from it now. And that's all since the last week of January.

We have, dear readers, been getting thumped.

But I am having a very good day. For example, I just sold "The Bone War" to F&SF. It's the first fiction I've ever sold to that market! (I did sell them a poem in 2002. It was one of my first pro sales.)

ETA "The Bone War" is an Eternal Sky story set in Messaline between Book of Iron and </i>Bone and Jewel Creatures</i>, and involving Bijou, Brazen, and a rather... large... commission. /ETA

Yesterday I got almost eight pages on "And the Balance in Blood," which has been stalled for a month while I figured out how the hell it ended.  And today I wrote another four pages and finished it. It's done!

Okay, it's a draft. But it's done in draft at least. Here is some Proof of Tea and Writing!


Tea: An Upton Darjeeling.
Teacup: Blue and white Chinese


Dog: snoring away the winter
Tea: Still the same Darjeeling
Teacup: The turquoise frankencup.

Oh, and I bought a new car. The Honda is old enough to vote, and just not up to the road conditions we're suffering in the hills of Massachusetts these days, so I'm looking to rehome it with a loving high school student or something. So last week that boy I like and I took ourselves down to a Subaru dealership and, you know, two days of our lives later we came away with a Crosstrek.

I love it to death already. And the fact that we got another six inches of snow last night is a contributing factor.

It syncs with my phone. I'm just saying.

And there's cover art for An Apprentice to Elves!

(I also got mugged by two pages of a novel I'm totally not writing because I am writing other things now. Ahem. They were good pages, though.)

I need a title for the Library Story. That--and revisions on the Worldspinner project--are next in the queue.



The first email I ever sent you was because I liked that poem. (Still do.)

And now we both sell our first fiction to F&SF today.

I am having even more of a warm friend glow here.

Yeah, we rock.
Yay for sales! They mean you get to keep eating while spinning more stories for us.
Excellent news on many fronts!
At least the mugging resulted in something that puts the ideas where you can find them later when it's their turn.

The cover art for the Apprentice book is gorgeous. Love the wolves.

I have some similar blue and white Chinese teacups, but I like the fluting of the top on yours, how it recurves. Mine are rather thick and clunky, but that's OK. I have blue and white teacups with lids that play nicely with my blue willow dishes.

Does the Giant Ridiculous Couch Potato snore? I have a giant ridiculous cat that does.
Oooh, cover...

We're buying a car tomorrow, since our so-very-close-to-voting-age Honda had to be euthanized last week. Right now it's looking like a Prius because around here no one sells used Subarus unless they're well over 100k :/
This entire post: *like*.

ps: very pretty pen!

New Car, Work done

Well done on the automobile selection. Our Subarus do VERY well in lots of snow, hills and slippery - whatever.
Congrats on the sale to F&FS. Grins for Bear.
Synchs with your phone? - hmm. We may have to update the 8 year-old Subaru Outback (NH and VT don't allow phones at ears/eyes while driving).

Re: New Car, Work done

Yeah, neither does CT. This one will play audiobooks off the phone app without a bluetooth thingy!
That cover image is amazing. Really, I think it ranks up there in the top three you've ever had. Not so sure about the type treatment for the title (does that says "clues" or "elves"? I know what it's supposed to say, but I'd have a word with my art director--or at least, I'd mention it to my editor), but the painting is gorgeous.

Edited at 2015-02-23 03:19 pm (UTC)
I thought I'd read everything you'd wrote, and then I just found Bone and Jewel Creatures and Book of Iron last week. So a sequel is just the icing on a great big fat cake. Bijou and her animals are gorgeous.
Yay awesome cover! I just reread the Iskryne books last weekend and am so excited for AtE to finally be a thing I can read.