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(part of "stuff that actually works: an occasional series.")

So I have never really been much of a fan of dresses, except for dressing up and looking pretty. I have always had more-femme friends who loved them, extolled their comforts and virtues, and yet to me they were binding and weird and pinchy and thigh chafe or even worse, pantyhose, and if they were loose enough to be comfortable across the chest and shoulders, they looked like horrible sacks everywhere else.

Somehow I figured out the running-shorts-under-skirts hack, which I wish I'd known decades ago, though I guess spandex running shorts weren't really a thing decades ago. And leggings came back into style. Wonderful, cuddly leggings.

And then I found out about these guys. (They also make fabulous shirts. Check out the sale section for the winter stuff, as it's not linked on the main dress page. Well, they're not web designers. Also, their stuff runs slightly big. As in, I can wear a medium at 5'8" and ~200 pounds, size 12-14, and a large is roomy.) And these guys. (who also make wonderful pants. The Kendra everything is fabulous--very light summerweight stretch technical fabric with POCKETS. I can climb and do yoga in these pants, and still look fine for the grocery store. The Mova pants are now my preferred air travel wear: imagine yoga pants tailored to look like real clothes, with pockets.)

I've become an old lady in stretch pants and it's wonderful.

Sadly, neither does plus sizes beyond 18 or so. But if their stuff fits you, their dresses are basically tailored extra-long sweatshirts and t-shirts with lots of room for muscular shoulders and boobs. And mostly A-line or empire-waisted so they don't make me look like a fireplug, but also don't bind around the waist.

It's like flattering pajamas that you can wear in public. Without pants. And still look grown-up enough to go to the bank.

I call this winning.

Pantyhose are still the devil, though.
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