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595 words

on Bridge, and end of scene. Rewriting, this time, is slower than new writing. But I am in no hurry.

I've kind of got this story And it's set in this shape. And I'm bending it into a new shape while trying not to break it.

It's fiddly work, and I accept the fiddliness of it all.

I need to figger out how to get Carel's choice up front so the reader understands it, and understands why she makes it and makes it so suddenly. And it's an important choice--a choice that drives the book--and she's not a POV character. Hmm. It's not an Elaine scene. So it either has to be a Matthew or a Keith scene.

In good news, four Russian werewolves named and accounted for.

Page 141 of 502, Onwards and upwards.

'Didn't hold' from GVG today. M'ris has me beat--she had a nine-rejection day. A moment of silence for M'ris, please.

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