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bear by san

March 2017



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We provide... Leverage.

What suricattus says here: cosigned.

If I am a guest at a convention you are attending, or simply a fellow attendee, and you feel that you have been harassed, intimidated, or that your boundaries have been trampled or ignored, please feel free to ask me for support, help, intervention, or just an escort to a safer area or backup on the way to talk to convention or hotel security.

If you do not feel that you can stick up for yourself, I will help. I will be a buffer or a bulwark if necessary or requested.

Just walk up to me and ask for Leverage, and I promise that I will take you seriously and I'll try to make things better.


It is awesome that you are doing this, and completely infuriating that this needs doing.
That's an impressively awesome idea, well done indeed for joining in.
I would feel safer knowing I had a Bear on my side.
Nate Ford and Sophie Devereaux, not not mention, Eliot, Parker and Hardison, would be proud.

I must watch that show again.
I honor both the kindness and the courage of your offer. May it always work out well.
That is an awesome thing to do and it makes me so cross that it needs to be done.

Sorry for the intrusion…

Hi Elizabeth! I'm the editor of the italian sf magazine Robot, I would like to publish your novelette "The Hand is Quicker". Where can I write to you about that? silvio@delosbooks.com Sorry for the off topic comment, cheers, S*