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bear by san

March 2017



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i got a pocket full of can't-be-wrong...

I am in the weird situation of being pleased to have been awakened by the phone this morning, because it popped me out in the middle of a really awesome superhero dream (a rare one, with narrative and a through line) and I'm so happy that I remember it now.

In the dream, I'm Jennifer Walters (otherwise known as the Savage/Sensational She-Hulk, esq.), and I'm standing in a big open room in a government office type building with Wonder Woman and another female super hero. (I don't remember who the other one was. Yes, it must be a Marvel/DC crossover) It must be the '80s, because I'm complaining about how NATO gets all the good superheroes (Captain America, Superman) and the Eastern Bloc nations are stuck with losers like The Red Scare. (Who was a very tongue-in-cheek Tick villain, so it must be a Marvel/DC/NEC crossover, come to think of it.)

A ruckus starts up outside. Sounds of combat, car alarms. I Hulk out, and try to run and jump through the window to get down to the fight. (We're several stories up, but hey, that's just an opportunity in the dream for an iconic superhero action crouch landing!) But for some reason, when I hit the window, instead of shattering, it stretches around me elastically and sort of snaps me back. Wonder Woman grouses about the "goddamn superhero-proof glass" on these new government buildings. (NB, I don't think Diana would actually say "goddamn.")

I say, "No problem," and run through the cement support instead. It's like running through thick yogurt: it just kind of pushes out of the way. It's good being a Hulk.

I jump and land. As I look up, I see a sprawling superhero battle. I also see workers engaged in wrapping the building I just exited in another layer of superhero-proof glass, which looks like a giant roll of that shipping cling film they use to palletize stuff.

That's when the phone woke me, alas.

When I related this dream to Scott, he said, "I am picturing the building after this fight is done as an enormous pile of concrete rubble held together by 'goddamn superhero-proof glass.'"  


Lmao that's fantastic. Superhero proof cling wrap.

What an awesome dream!
Sorry - I keep getting stuck on the image of you hulking out and Scott's probable snarky reaction - way over in the corner where he thinks it'll be safe...

Note for Viable Paradise XVII wedding gift?

Weird to contact you about this by LJ, but I wasn't able to do so secretly otherwise:

Two of your VP 17 students (my best friend twitter: @Howl_at_the_Sun and her fiancee twitter: @devinlsinger) are getting married in July. I'm putting together a chapbook for them with contributions from family and friends, and thought about surprising them with messages from VP instructors. Would you be interested in contributing? If so, I would need to receive something before solstice. No worries if not. You can email me (the chapbook) at haistandsinger@gmail.com for more info. Thanks :)

Re: Note for Viable Paradise XVII wedding gift?

Hello, hello! I received your email - have you and Scott received mine? Or are you in #4thStFog? I would like to send the chapbook to print by the end of the month, and need to know if you will send something soon, if I should add blank pages ("reserved for EB..") or...? Thanks!
I suspect you're right. Probably, it would be either "Damned-to-Tartarus" or "gods-damned" from Diana...and she'd be really invested in the second version of Battlestar Galactica.
Here to wish you a very happy birthday!