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Rend into bits! Bite!

Bridge of Blood & Iron

New Words: 501
Pages edited: 30
MS Page:169 of 505
Other writing today: 119 words onOne-Eyed Jack and 1,350 words on (cough) fanfiction. And not just fanfiction. Hurt/comfort. God help me. *buries in the bottom of a deep, deep trunk*

But it was in my head and I had to get it out. And having destressed with something fluffy, I'm almost ready to face another five rounds with Bridge before bed.


More art/writing metaphors:

First draft is a pencil sketch. That's all. You can fix, revise, alter, add, layer, erase people entirely. You don't have to get it right right out of the gate.

And even once you lay down the oils, you can still paint over them or squidge them around.

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