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bear by san

March 2017



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writing karen memory

KAREN MEMORY Book Club group read!

Karen Memory is the January 2017 selection for the Goodreads SciFi and Fantasy Book Club, so if you've been waiting to read it with friends, here's your big chance!

Here's a bonus photto of me and Ace, and a bonus kitten. Because I know what you guys are really here for.

And now I have to get up and put a goose in the oven and walk a dog, when I really want to stay in bed and write for a while longer.


Wow! Great news and congratulations!

And that is a kjitten that is quite clearly totally not up to no good, not at all, nooooo...


Sneaky kjitten.

When your goose is cooked...

DH & I cooked a goose for Yule some years back and were amazed at how little goose was left after the fat rendered. And I never did get around to using the fat to make french fries which is supposed to be an awesome thing. Have a great day, and looking forward to the story. Now I'm off to spend my gift cards on books (yours & Scott's among them; I'm still playing catch-up.)
Ace is interesting - what breed is he?
He is Briard, aka un chien de berger de Brie, which is to say a sheepherding dog whose antecedents came from France. (The first ones in the US were imported by Thomas Jefferson, along with a flock of French sheep.)

They're opinionated, intelligent, and high-drive, like a lot of herding breeds, and as he's a large male for the breed (about 27" at the shoulder and a little over a hundred pounds) it's a darned good thing that he also tries very hard to be a Good Dog and have excellent manners. (He usually succeeds.)

Thank you for asking; I love talking about my dog.

He looks beautiful (and big!). I don't think I've ever seen one.