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if memories were all i sang i'd rather drive a truck

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let everybody know that my surgical consult is on Thursday afternoon, and I expect to be scheduled rapidly for surgery after that. If that goes well then I can look forward to a month off to heal and then radiation. If it goes poorly, alas, it's probably straight into chemo but right now that is considered unlikely.

Scott can't come in to the consult with me because plague. I'm going to ask if I can record it.

Got my You Are A Cancer Patient Now covid booster which was surprisingly emotional. Cue crying in a CVS. Could be worse... so glad I'm not doing this last year.

Life is a thing, isn't it? I feel like my PTSD is pretty well managed most of the time, but lately I've been feeling very cheated by the fact that it seems like every time I get my own shit together, something happens that sets off all the hypervigilance and anxiety again. I think I'm going to look into more treatment when this is over: there's some good techniques that didn't exist twenty years ago, such as the stellate ganglion block.

It's interesting to realize that in a peri-Pandemic world, we've all got hypervigilance issues. Maybe this will also lead to better PTSD treatment in the long run, which would benefit Everybody.
Stay frosty and fuck cancer.
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