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Watching fat bears fish on youtube, recovering from surgery.

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let everybody know I came through yesterday's surgery fine, and I'll probably be writing a public newsletter post with some of the grosser details for everybody's enjoyment. My surgeon was great, my anesthesiologist was named Dr. Faust, and I'm in remarkably little pain all things considered.

(My newsletter is here. You don't have to subscribe to get the public posts--just click the subscribe button and then abort when it asks you for money, The paid level is just for people who want to throw money for the locked posts or commenting privileges.)

Warren Rose, my general surgeon, managed to do the resection almost laparoscopically, with one small incision for the tumor and one small incision to take a couple of lymph nodes for biopsy, so I got away without surgical drains or any of the real nastiness. I can highly recommend Dr. Rose if you live in Central or Western MA and need a general surgeon.

I'll find out about my margins and the lymph nodes next week, probably.

Hang in there!
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